Deitmahr Nothingbutblue

DOB - 3/05/06
CL & CEA Clear by parentage
TNS Clear tested clear

Sire: Braelock Wedgewood Blue CL, CEA clear by parentage
Dam: Islandsky Blue Belle CL, CEA clear by parentage

NOW Lives in SA with Jodie and Neville Lofter from Kysima Kennels

An email to me from the new owner of Merlin below

Hi there,
Just thought i would drop you a line to say that Merlin is doing great, we always say we think he is related to Lassie, because he is so switched on to each individual person in our family. The other night at about 11:30 he came to me in bed and let out a couple of little yaps, and went out of our door again, i thought he wanted to play, and i wasn't playing at that time of night, i was sleeping, but then he came back and did it again.This time i got up, and Merlin went into Regans room (our 2yr old daughter) and wagged his tail. It seems Regan had got out of bed (sleep walking) and tucked herself into her toy box for a sleep. My husband, Nev, and i had heard nothing, but Merlin did and let me know. Oh, and he has had a run with sheep, a proper run with them, and he is going to make a fabulous working dog.
Thank you so much for Merlin Dianne